Our Wine Cellar

Heritage of La Consulta / Valle de Uco

O ur winery has been constructed in 1890 with walls of adobe, the traditional sundried bricks used at that time. With the facade and the structure of the building maintained but the winery itself equipped with state of the art technology, the infrastructure and facilities of San Polo are prepared to make upper range and premium wines.

The individual capacities of the different tanks range from 3.500 liters to 15.900 liters with a total capacity of 3,5 million liters. Best conditions to carefully elaborate high quality wines. The wine cellar has storage capacity for more then 1.000 oak barrels with a sophisticated architecture of of airflow that grants perfect levels of temperature, humidity and light impact.

Our Vineyards

W e elaborate our wines with grapes that come from our estates La Humbertita and San Jorge. They are just bordering our winery and have a total extension of 100 hectares. Situated on the eastern slopes, our estates are on an altitude of 1.100 to 1.000 m over sea level with privileged conditions: a terroir with strong mineral content, an average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius but with a high termical amplitude, our own reservoir nourished by melting water and naturally filtered in different bassins. The direct proximity to the winery and careful picking of the grapes assure perfect quality of the grapes when delivered to the winery.
Our claim: We elaborate our wines in harmony with the natural conditions of our terroir. 300 days of sunshine per year, irrigation with the clear melting waters form the Andes, the professional care of our vines with our own staff and finally the seleccion of the grapes by our winemaker set the base for a unique wine experience..