More than 100 years producing wines.

Our history

It all started in the 1880s when Juan „Giovanni“ Giol, Bautista Gargantini and Pascual Toso came from Italy. They settled in Mendoza and together started their first wine-making venture. The three entrepreneurs resulted to be the pioneers of winery in Argentina. In 1915, Juan Giol bought our Bodega in La Consulta from Ricardo Bustos who had planned and constructed the building in 1890.
Humberto Giol establishes, Bodega y Viñedos San Polo S.A.“. The company's name is a reference to his father's native San Polo di Piave/Venice. In 1936 the historic building is being refurbished and extended. Humberto Giol and the next generations of the family elaborate wines and offer the services of their Bodega to third parties.
The third generation Giol continues the business and additionally offers San Polo products to consumers under the brands AUKA and Zentas. The wines ares shipped throughout Latin America, the United States, Canada, different European countries and Hongkong.
Two German-Argentine families, having been partners in San Polo already before, take over the outstanding shares of San Polo S.A. With their entrepreneurial spirit, strong investments in the facilities of the winery and into the vineyards they prepare San Polo for an innovative future counting on strong experience in wine making and caring the longstanding tradition. With strong investments in the winery and vineyards, two Argentine-German families prepare the future entrepreneur and innovator of San Polo.

We apply the highest technology to obtain the best wines.

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